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Orlando theme parks
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Orlando theme parks
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Orlando theme parks

Orlando Theme Parks

When we mention Orlando, Florida most people think of the Orlando theme parks. The two seems to be synonymous. Orlando has become known as the 'mecca' of entertainment. The Orlando theme parks have played a big part in this title.

The Orland-Kissimmee area of central Florida is the third larges metropolitan area in the United States and is best know for the many Orlando theme parks.

Disney World has created the magical feel of the Orlando area. It creates an atmosphere of adventure and excitement, for adults it is like becoming a child again. It gives adults permission to be a child again and 'let their hair down'.

The Orlando theme parks are more than just Disney World. Often there is so much hype about the Orlando theme parks and Disney that the others seem to get lost in the excitement. There are others you know.

First lets review the most popular park of the Orlando theme parks, Disney World. First we have the Magic Kingdom, which consists of Main Street, USA, Adventure Land, Frontier Land, Liberty Square, Fantasy Land, Mickey's Toontown Fair, and Tomorrow Land. Cinderella's Castle is also in the center of everything. Once you enter the park you will be in Main Street, USA where you will be able to take a ride on Walt Disney World Railroad line. This train makes stops in frontier Land and Michey's Toontown Fair. The portion of Disney World where all the parades can be seen is Main Street, USA. The parades and especially the SpectroMagic nighttime parade, which is the most talked about events of the Orlando theme parks. It is definitely one of those 'not to miss' events at the Orlando theme parks.

As part of the Magic Kingdom, in the Orlando theme parks there are some really impressive areas of the parks.

Mickey's Toontown Fair - This is the portion of the Orlando theme parks in the Magic Kingdom that focuses on the cartoon character that made Disney famous, Mickey Mouse. What is Disney without Mickey? What is the Orlando theme parks without Mickey Mouse? Even one of the power lines along the road as you near the Orlando theme parks has fashioned the power lines into "Mickey Ears". No explanation is needed. Every passerby knows those are 'Mouse Ears.'

Frontier Land - This area of the Magic Kingdom in Disney is between Liberty Square and Adventure Land. This features some of the most popular attractions like Splash Mountain, the Log Flume, which makes it fun to get soaked on this ride. This area also features the Country Bear Jamboree with robotic realistic bears.

Adventure Land - This area is located in the southwest corner of the Magic Kingdom. This portion of the Orlando theme parks specifically located in the Magic Kingdom focuses on such things as the Disney movies like Tarzan and Indiana Jones. There are areas that focus on the jungles and deserts of Asia and Africa. There is even a Jungle Cruise Ride. There are many other aspects of this portion of the Magic Kingdom such as a ride that focuses on the movie the Pirates of the Caribbean.

There are other portions of the Magic Kingdom, however, we want to also discuss other parks available in the Orlando theme parks gateway in central Florida. Some of these, you may not have even known were there.

Sea World is probably the second most popular of the Orlando theme parks. This park is in the Orlando theme park corridor. It is easy to find because of it's close proximity to Disney World. The theme there is, of course, the sea and sea animals. In 2008 a new ride opened up called Manta Ray which combines water, land and wildlife. This attraction can be both educational and fun. There are rides and also shopping and eateries as well.

Another portion of Disney of the Orland theme parks is the Universal Studios. This park treats visitors to an atmosphere of the inside workings of the movie industry. There are rides and exhibits, shopping and eateries as well. This park focuses on the movies and can be quite educational for the visitor who wishes to visit everything in the park.

There is one park in the Orlando theme park corridor that is perhaps not as well known. This is the Holy Land Experience. It has been open for a few years now and in 2008 was purchased by Christian Television Network CTN. This park is quickly rising in luring the families to spend the day learning about the Holy Land, experiencing the rides for children and learning and feeling like they are experiencing the streets of Jerusalem, as it was 2000 years ago. There are shows throughout the park with orations on the steps of the replica of the Temple that was built by Solomon. There is an exhibit that teaches the priestly duties in an authentic replica of the wilderness Tabernacle and the Holy of Holies and the ark of God. The Scriptorium Center gives the history and the importance of biblical manuscripts. For those visiting the Orlando theme parks, this is a must see. It is unique. It is like going back 2,000 years in a time machine to that fascinating ancient era.

For those who are visiting the Orlando area and more specifically the Orlando theme parks you will not go wrong to check out those we have listed. This has only been an overview of the intriguing aspects and parts of these Orland theme parks.


Orlando theme parks
Orlando theme parks Magic Kingdom Kingdom of God theme park
Orlando theme parks